Finished just in time. The yarn is Hollyberry by West Yorkshire Spinners.

New socks!

Jun. 15th, 2015 10:03 am

All the fun of fairisle without the faff. These are knitted in Regia Design Line by Arne & Carlos. The colourway is ‘Summer Night’ but they have a wintry look to me. No sooner had I grafted the toes than I cast on another pair, this time in pale sherbert colours.


In other news, it’s fifty years since Like a Rolling Stone came out. Frightening to think that I was at school then. Wonderful that the record still sounds great. I turned it up as loud as possible, regardless of what the thatchers might think, and shouted out every word.
I wrote here about patterns from The Knitter I intended to use. Hah, I have actually finished two of them. )

I decided my socks would look more gifty in a lttle bag. It was going to be just a tube tied at the top. Then I decided to make eyelet holes, then to use a wavy cast off, then to knit cord instead of using ribbon. Just managed to stop myself making some little medallions or flowers for the tie ends! It was rather tedious but I'm glad I did it.

Sekrit Sox

Nov. 30th, 2008 10:45 am

A Christmas present finished! Apart from the little bag I'm making to put the socks in; I'm very bored with it. Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett yarn, called Caribbean. I love the colour but I'm not impressed with the pattern effect. Can't model them as I've made them bigger than I would for myself.

It was third time lucky for this sock (apologies for the photo) knitted in Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn. I decided to try a pattern and picked one with a slip stitch design. I worked the six pattern rounds and got a nice textured pattern; the trouble was, it was quite a tight honeycomb look, not the desired Lazy Daisy effect. So I frogged that and tried a very simple ‘ynfwd then pass stitch over next three’ idea, which gives a sort of brick effect. I decided this added nothing at all to the sock so that came out too and it was back to the same old socks I always make, only varying the rib and the needle size.

I’m a stick-in-the-mud generally when it comes to socks. Sometimes a new sock pattern will take my fancy but as soon as I see that it calls for a circular needle, a provisional cast on, wrapping stitches to shape the heel or some other daring innovation I recoil in horror and see if I can adapt the design to my safe old ways. I still need to check a pattern when I get to the heel, just in case, and as for grafting the toe,

which still seems to me like magic, I reach for the Encyclopaedia of Knitting and learn all over again. It’s thanks to dovegreyreader that I know this method of grafting is called Kitchener stitch. I laughed out loud at her recent account of her knitting technique, which you can read here. I knit like a lady, apparently.

This shade is Copperbeach if you go by the ball band; Copper Beech according to most web sites. The brown(ish) sock will remain a singleton for a while, as I’ve moved on to Christmas presents. I’m changing my mind about Colinette being my favourite sock yarn and starting to favour Regia. This is their Design Line by Kaffe Fassett: ‘Carribbean’. It’s gorgeous!

Not ravelry

Jun. 5th, 2008 02:52 pm

While everyone else (it seems) is discussing their projects on Ravelry, I remain loyal to LJ. I have three works in progress as usual but one of the three keeps changing. I've just made one sock of a pair of bedsocks, using oddments of Paton's Fairytale. I have a new plan for socks, to be carried out on the next one I knit. I find that when I make the heel flap, knitting backwards & forwards instead of round and round, the tension is looser. So I'm going to try using a smaller needle just for that section. Anyone else do this already? I've never seen it suggested anywhere. Socks always look better on feet than in photos.

Oh deer

May. 21st, 2008 05:41 pm
The other evening I was sitting admiring the way the late sun was lighting up the bright red new shoots of the rose which climbs into (and is probably killing) the mossed cottage tree. Today I saw that the whole lot had been sheared off. It didn't take any detective skills to know that a deer has been in the garden. Rats. Yesterday's rose opened out like this.

More oh dear. I finished the pair to the socks that have been about a year in the making and have unaccountably made the second one longer than the first. Duh!

I finished Case Histories and then thought yes, very good but if you want to read a gripping mystery story it's not as good as Robert Goddard. Oh dear.
I've just been looking at the Yarnstorm blog. Jane says she knits socks inside out, that is with the knit side in. How else would you do it? Genuine question, I just can't see how any other way would work.
I've just finished the socks made with Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn. The patterns are intriguing, sometimes making a spiral effect round the foot.



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