I spent the whole of today writing Christmas cards. Phew. This year I made more cards than I needed and had to decide which card was best suited to each recipient. So yesterday evening I spread the whole lot over the table and assigned them individually with Post-it notes. That certainly made today’s task easier. I could have taken a photo but then some of you might see which card you’re getting:-) Some I was sorry to part with and one I like so much I’m keeping it as a decoration.

I decided a while ago that instead of using labels on the envelopes I would write each by hand, as it’s a more personal touch. I’m glad I do this because it reminds me of the wondrousness of place names. There’s something of the Shipping Forecast about them: Aberchirder, Badshot Lea, Berwick upon Tweed, Church Crookham, Green Bottom, Long Crichel. I sit at my table and travel around the British Isles. That’s romantic.

The person getting this one never sees my journal.

*A Romance of a Christmas Card is a story by Kate Douglas Wiggin, mentioned here. ISTR it's a free book.

I haven’t done one of these jolly posts for ages. It was bitterly cold at the market early this morning but busy. I bought the daffs, which will soon be out, some beautiful rhubarb and other veg plus a few bargains.
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What a cold and frosty morning. It’s ages since I’ve seen any deer in the garden. This morning, once it was light enough to draw the curtains, I was sitting quietly at the table with a cup of coffee, reading in yesterday’s sports’ pages about Buttler’s fantastic knock of 116 not out off 52 balls. ‘Well done, young man’, as Boycott would say. Suddenly first one, then a second, then a third young deer bounded across the garden and scrambled through the hedge. They’re so quick! I thought the last one was getting stuck so opened the kitchen door to encourage him on his way. They usually leap right over the hedge but it won’t have its summer growth pruned until tomorrow, so perhaps even these astonishing little high jumpers knew they couldn’t make it. I’ll have a prowl round later and see what they’ve been eating, pesky things.

Ironically, I’ve made several Christmas cards showing deer as splendid beasts. Here’s one, as I couldn’t snap the real thing. Those I see don't have antlers.

This post will be meaningless to most of the people who look at my blog; also to experienced card makers.
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There weren’t many sellers at the market this morning yet I did better than I have done for ages. I’d hardly started looking round when I found a box of old books and amongst them these by O Douglas. I tried for £2.00 but got them for £3.00. I already have a set of the Nelson Pocket series so they can go. Unforgettable Unforgotten I’ll be keeping as I don’t have it. A new cover needed for that one. I’m sorry to say, in view of my constant complaints about how I have no room for my books, that I’ll also be keeping the Yellow Jacket, simply because I already have two of the novels in the same edition and I like them.
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It was freezing cold at the market on Saturday, as it remained for the rest of the day and Sunday. Apart from fruit and veg, my only purchase was a bundle of old photographs. They’re mostly late nineteenth century and I like the fact that nearly all have the name of a local (to me) photographic studio on the front, sometimes with ornate detail on the back. I buy these to convert them to images for cards. The photo of this young girl is later than the others but I took a fancy to her. She reminds me of Winifred in Ballet Shoes.

Hah, the posts everyone likes because it means looking at other people’s stuff. It was very busy down there this morning; also very cold. No fantastic bargains but I did get more than usual.


Sanctuary Body Lotion (which I love) and an M&S gift set, £1.50
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This year, for the first time ever, I’ve made my own Christmas cards (see previous market post about big value card-making buy). Here’s a few of them.


Now I’ve made a rod for my own back; not making the cards, which was fun and all new to me, but choosing. The more I made, the better I got at it, so I have awful decisions to make about who gets the ones I think are less good. Silly me, I’m sure people will be pleased to get a hand made card, even if it’s not perfect.



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