White Books by Noel Streatfeild. Like The White Album, maybe.

A couple of months ago I spotted my all-time favourite listing. The enticing, grab your buyers header was: 'book'.


Jul. 1st, 2011 08:07 am
It’s hard enough selling books on eBay at the moment, without making things worse for yourself by careless listing. Here’s a little round up of errors I noticed in June, proving that a number of people just can’t read.

Domsie Goes to School. For those not in the know, the girl’s name is Dimsie. This one is my favourite, it seems to make her a different character altogether.
The 101 Dalmations. Such a common error it’s hardly worth noting.
Barbar (the elephant). Another common one.
The Sixth Form Pantomime by Jane Grey. It’s Janet and I can’t help mentally putting ‘Lady’ in front of this invented author’s name.
La Vaste Monde. This error has been up for months and months as the book has been repeatedly relisted. Irritates me every time I see it. Just look at the book cover for goodness sake!
High Waves by Dorothy Whipple. Yo!
Scouts in Bondage by Geoffrey Prout. No error, I can just never get over the title.
The Percivals by Evelyn Evertett-Green. Error repeated throughout listing.
Little Gray Rabbit’s Birthday. Grey Rabbit is English, not American
Lost in the Artic. Must be a big lorry.
Scambled Eggs collection
Eleanor Brent-Dyer
John Newberry (Newbery of the prize).
Alaphabet of childrens names
Irene L Plunket. Her name was Ierne.

The answer could be on eBay if you have the dosh. Look at the number of hits!

In other news, what is LJ playing at now? Apart from all the usual being intolerably slow, preview not working, comments hard to make and so on? Writing this post was really difficult because the font size has gone minuscule. I am so thinking of moving elsewhere.
I sold some yarn on eBay to a buyer in the States. It was posted, airmail, on 17th January *and has only just arrived*. I've heard that due to security issues Royal Mail have been using surface mail for airmail packages. In which case: stop charging for a service you're not providing! I'm thinking of refusing to send items to the States as I can't stand the stress caused by the long delays. I'm a v. conscientious seller, post quickly and like to know items have arrived safely.

In other news, I just half heard a snippet about brown & tawny owls on the radio and immediately thought of Brownies. Must be because yesterday was Thinking Day.


Jul. 28th, 2010 12:23 pm
[profile] huskyteer has alerted me to Molesworth: the early years. This is the pre-Young Elizabethan incarnation of Molesworth in Punch and well worth looking at.

The Booker longlist was announced yesterday: yawn, yawn yawn. Those of you who do enjoy the Bookerthon, have fun if you possibly can. A hot tip for this year is David Mitchell’s The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. I had a look at this in a bookshop and decided it was definitely not for me, but I’m one of many readers who couldn’t get through Cloud Atlas.

Daft eBay listings. These are not happy days for people trying to sell books on eBay, so why make it harder for yourself? Whoever, looking for a book, does a search for ‘good book’, ‘rare’ or, mysteriously, ‘3-D view’? Then you might try to get the title right. One seller repeatedly put up a book called Patricia, Perfect. The book is called Patricia, Prefect. You’d think the seller would notice on the nth time of listing? Another relisted book is called, allegedly, La Vaste Monde. That ‘La’ irritates me every time I see it.

Our town changes! I posted here about plans to build a new Waitrose on the site of our cricket ground. After much controversy, public meetings and votes for those living nearby, Waitrose got permission to build and began a charm campaign. Yesterday, [profile] ramblingfancy and I went for a scout round. There are several surprising things about this development. First, it was scheduled to open next Christmas and actually opened, complete with underground car-park, earlier this month. Secondly, it looks very like the original architect’s plans. Thirdly, the argument that local people would have greater access to what had previously been a privately owned site turns out to be true. Looking through huge windows, the view is of trees and grass all around. It was very odd to see the view reversed, as it were. The stock is what you would expect, the staff are new, keen and helpful and shopping there could not be a more different experience from trying to shop in the depressing Somerfield/Co-op we’ve had to put up with until now. Let’s see if the famous ‘Waitrose effect’ does revitalize the town as is hoped.

There’s a book meme ‘everyone’ is doing, which I’ve decided is too much like hard work as it’s called The Thirty Day Book Meme. I am very interested in other people’s efforts, though, as they all seem to write about books I’ve never heard of! The full list of questions is under the cut.
questions )
At last, eBay has given in over the 'free postage and packing requirement' which has been causing such grief to people trying to sell books. In come 'maximum limits'. For most books, it will be £2.75. How odd that this should be what Amazon Marketplace charges! There are still anomalies though: nothing to stop people charging the maximum for posting a lightweight paperback; some books will cost more than the allowed max. to post; you can charge more for 'antiquarian' books (watch people switch categories); only £7.00 is allowed for a collection or lot which might cost ten or twelve pounds to post. Still, for once they have actually taken notice of the howls of complaint carefully reasoned arguments which have been presented to them over that ludicrous new policy. Or has the change of heart been brought about by a fall in the number of listings? Surely not! As for being overcharged, caveat emptor.


Aug. 17th, 2009 08:07 am
Seen on eBay today: Enid Blytons (sic) Tails of Brave Adventure.

Most people in the UK who are interested in girls’ stories will have read at least some of the American series books for girls: Cherry Ames, Nancy Drew, Pollyanna, Sue Barton, the Miss Billy and Friendly Terrace books have all had British editions. I don’t collect them myself but was interested to find this blog, Series Books for Girls. Now there’s someone who really knows her Nancy Drew! more books )
Today on eBay

William and the Brians Trust
The Golden Cumpas Trilogy
plus the usual Mallory Towers

I should make this a regular feature; there's plenty of material.
Well thank you very much Jerry postal workers.
There won’t be much point my checking to see if I’ve sold any books on eBay or Amazon during the next week. Who's going to buy a book that’ll end up logjammed in a sorting office? Never mind your grievances, chaps. If businesses switch to other couriers, you won’t have jobs at all.

edit: since posting this, I have sold two books, both to overseas buyers. I have had to write apologising for not being able to ship out their books yet. This is very embarrassing.

eBay rage

May. 13th, 2007 07:55 am
Am I the only person who hates hates hates the new selling form, which will soon be mandatory? I've already filled in their questionnaire saying I find it extremely difficult to use.
I have just been trying to list a couple of items which I only want to post to the UK. The old 'Post to UK only' option has disappeared. So I deleted all countries but kept getting red messages about filling in correct details. Tried help: useless. In the end I gave up, almost in tears. When I feel better I shall list them using the old form while I still can.
A man from Parcel Force staggered up to the door today with a box containing twenty nine books by Charlotte M Yonge which I'd bought on eBay. The seller was so helpful. The postman was so helpful: "This is very heavy. Can I put it somewhere for you?" I have a feast of reading matter ahead plus a few duplicates to sell.

In a charity shop I bought 500g of Patons Classic Cotton for £8.00 It's a nice springlike primrose yellow, too.

Can this go on?

In the post

Mar. 6th, 2007 10:51 am
I had another promotional card from Bloms Bulbs this morning. I suppose they save money by not sending a catalogue unless you ask for one. I found I had quite a collection of the cards as I can't bear to throw them away. Look at this gorgeous one from two years ago. I love the weirdness of arums, arisaemas and related plants but the only one I've been able to grow is Dracunculus vulgaris, the Stink Lily. Believe me, it smells just as bad as its name suggests.

Also in the post was a parcel of Puffin books from eBay which contained as a sleeper Jam Tomorrow by Monica Redlich. I've been wanting to read this for ages, so goody!

Until now, my favourite mis-writing of the author's name has been Alison Utterly. Now today browsing eBay I spotted the previously unknown writer A.NUTTLEY.
on the head of the person who keeps listing c**p jewellery in the eBay category 'Books, Antiquarian, Children's'.
Is there any way to complain about this? And would it do any good?
No, but eBay is nearly as good. A while ago I sold a book to Victor Watson, editor of The Cambridge Guide to Children's Books in English. This resulted in a very interesting correspondence, at the end of which he sold me all his John & Mary books. Which was nice.

Now today (and how's this for a coincidence, [livejournal.com profile] minnimoll?) I have sold one of his own books to the author David Severn! I have all his Warner and Waggoner books and I can't wait to get his letter.
I have spent ages writing up listings for eBay. As these items are going in my shop, I had to bear in mind that they will probably sell after Royal Mail's new charges come in on August 21st. Working out the prices, I was shocked to find what a difference this will make to posting a standard-sized paperback. When you add to that eBay's new 10% Final Value Fee on shop items it makes you wonder how anyone outside the big companies is supposed to make any money. Private Eye got it right as usual:

I've just had mail from eBay telling me about changes to shops inventories and fees. Now, a few months ago we were given the exciting news that items in shops' inventories would have increased visibility. This new message tells me that they have decided to decrease visibility. As if the things weren't hard enough to find already. Then fees will change. The heat may have fuddled my brain but I think they are saying that insertion fees will stay the same but the selling fees will go up quite a lot, especially for higher value items. Then they thank us for choosing eBay (rather than Amazon, I suppose).

This makes me quite cross. They are already making a lot of money, especially out of Paypal. Won't these changes make sellers put up prices? I'm sure the high selling fees are the reason for the generally higher prices on Amazon Marketplace. Most of the stuff in my shop is books I am gradually clearing out, not business items.

I'd be really interested in other people's comments on this, especially as I may have got it all wrong.
Can anyone remember which comedy programme included the joke,
'Roald Dahl admits: my father couldn't spell Ronald'?
Might have been Not the Nine o'clock News. To my great joy, I have just seen offered on eBay Charlie and the Choclate Factory by 'Ronald Dahl'.
Spotted on eBay: a seller offering The Girls of Chequertrees and Susan Pulls the Strings, two books you can hardly give away, at a Buy It Now price of £200.00. Ha ha ha!



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